Bohn Appetit: Business and Brews at One of Orlando’s Best Beer Bars

Best Beer Bars

Let’s face it — the term “craft” has been more overused than bluesy garage rock in truck commercials, now acting as a pavlovian bell for 20-to-30-something, bearded, thick-rim-glasses-wearing hipsters that probably still buy vinyl records.

Best Beer Bars

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Because of this often eye-rolling connotation, the “craft” aspect of craft beer sometimes gets a bad wrap as a way to upsell pretentious millennials on what’s essentially the same fermented yeast and hops concoction that’s peddled by mainstream, macro breweries across the country. You may remember the Super Bowl ad that Budweiser ran, playing up the assumed pretentiousness and froufrou nature that craft beer often has to fight against.

However, the craft and microbrew movement isn’t just marketing speak; it’s also far from an overnight success. For decades, homebrewers, beer enthusiasts and experimental breweries have been tweaking, testing and trying everything from brand new to ancient techniques, truly earning the use of “craft” by creating a brew for nearly any palate.

Whether attempting to replicate a tried and true style from the old country or breaking new ground with unique flavors and ingredients, there’s no shortage of variety when it comes to craft beer. Enter: the craft beer bar. No more a simple domestic or import decision, these bars hang their hat on variety, beer IQ and vibe — all categories that Audubon Park Garden District’s Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour embody.

Beer from Redlight Redlight

This establishment has been named one of America’s best beer bars by DRAFT Magazine and is frequently referred to as Central Florida’s go-to bar for beer aficionados, but it didn’t start that way. Redlight’s name was actually coined as a reference to its original location on the second floor of one of Winter Park’s oldest buildings — once a hotel of “ill-repute,” as they so eloquently state. The sheer success of craft beer in Florida, and the world, would not be contained, and Redlight has seen its business grow with the foamy wave of the beer renaissance. They now call an old and expansive Carrier Heating and Air-Conditioning building home, along with a beer list as long as a hard day at work seems.

A favorite Findsome & Winmore team haunt, Bohn picked Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour as our choice to raise a glass to on this version of Bohn Appetit.

Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour, Orlando |

Bohn’s Breakdown

Best Beer Bars


Best Beer Bars


Best Beer Bars

The Verdict

There is no question in our minds: Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour is easily one of the best beer bars in Central Florida, if not the country. With quieter outside seating options, large tables and a draught and bottle list that can break even the most beer-averse of us, Redlight stands as a viable and refreshing alternative to the stuffy, upscale cocktail bars that have ruled happy hour for aeons. Surrounded by Audubon Park District’s beloved restaurants and shops, it’s easy to turn a post-work pit stop into a night out; and that’s far from a bad thing in our book.

Things continue to look up for both Redlight and Florida’s craft beer scene as a whole, with many diverse, quality breweries opening doors (and kegs) all across the state. We welcome them with open arms and empty pint glasses, especially if it means that beer variety and quality will continue to grow for years to come.

Whether entertaining clients, brainstorming a big project or just relaxing with work friends after a long day, we give Redlight the green light.

Best Beer Bars
But what do you think? Are we just a couple of snobby beer hipsters? Is a beer parlor not quite your tempo for after-work drinks or a dressed down client meeting? Let us know your pick for Orlando’s best business lunches or happy hour spots by hashtagging #BohnAppetit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Until then, Bohn Appetit, Orlando!

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