Bright Idea: How to Brainstorm for Your Blog

how to brainstorm

If you’re anything like me, when you set out to write a new blog post, the creativity flows from your fingertips like a geyser/power washer/waterfall combo. Coming from the ether, your ideas are precious jewels of which the world is lucky to bear witness.

…wait. Is that…just me? Oh. Well, this is awkward.

Of course, as a blogger and copywriter, I know full well that the above is complete fantasy. Putting aside the rare occasion in which you’re hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration, the early steps of crafting a blog post worth reading often involves a whole lot of brain-wracking thought and research. Many blogs can be front-loaded time investments that can leave you wondering if they’re worth the effort.

The good news? If done correctly, blogs are an effective form of creative content your brand needs to position itself as a trusted thought leader and share its insights with the world. But again, that first step (coming up with a killer idea) is a doozy.

As the author of hundreds (gasp) of blog posts, learning how to brainstorm for blogs in a more effective fashion has been crucial for not only my efficiency but also the quality of my writing–and it could be for you, too.

Top Tips on How to Brainstorm for Better Blogs

Brainstorming is more than just sitting in silence and waiting for the good ideas to come. Brains often don’t work that way. Though everyone has different needs–some prefer silence while others prefer the clamor of a coffee shop, for example–I have some tips that may help jumpstart your brainstorming session and yield new blog post ideas that pop.

Asking how to brainstorm for blogs is a little like asking how to make the perfect pizza: there are plenty of methods that people swear by, but a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Also like pizza, in the end, as long as it yields something people want to consume, you’re probably doing it right. So, don’t be afraid if the muses aren’t pulling their weight as soon as you sit down to take on your next big blog post. Prime your creativity pump with Google Alerts, think about your audience, make it a group effort, take a break and get out of your comfort zone. Your blogs will be the better for it.