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Steve Rubel has an interesting post about a new Boeing blog about a particular topic: inflight productivity. “The sub-title for the blog is Tools, Tips, and Techniques for being Productive at 30,000 feet.” The latest post on this blog has to do with wireless headphones for one’s iPod.
I think that this type of blogging approach is an important one to note. Many companies have general ‘corporate blogs’ about company happenings, announcements, and events. But topic-oriented blogs like this one present an interesting opportunity for a corporation to provide insight and foster community around a specific area of interest. The benefits of brand association and positioning amidst a topic (i.e. Boeing=productivity) seem significant.
A couple of ideas:

We’re in the early stages of businesses thinking about blog use. Reminds me of the mid 90s when many would write 101 articles about the Web to marketers. My emphasis to marketers would be to think about blogs from the perspective of topic-centrality, not just as a vehicle for a CEO to share his/her thoughts with the world.

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