Findsome & Winmore was founded in 1995 by Matt Certo in his Rollins College dorm room. With the coaching of his father, Sam, the company grew steadily through the years through a focus on web design & programming.

As the company grew, the needs of its clients expanded dramatically beyond just web design. The firm added a wealth of skill in areas like brand marketing strategy, social media marketing, search marketing and advertising and public relations. In 2014, the firm re-branded as Findsome & Winmore: The Classic Digital Marketing Agency. The new name was a hat tip to the yesteryear of marketing where some tried and true marketing fundamentals were established.


The early twentieth century was a particularly notable time in United States History. The energy and prosperity of the 1920s, the endurance of the 1930s, and the resilience of the 1940s made it a most pivotal period for America.

Two lesser known (but critical) figures of the day were Charles Findsome and William Winmore, an inspirational duo whose work is still seen and recognized today. Charles hailed from the Midwest and was, by all accounts, a master of the pen. His passion for business led him to Chicago where, at a chance meeting with a baseball team owner was asked to help explain a famous scandal to its fans. His work is now known as the foundation of crisis management. Winmore was also from the Midwest but performed his studies in 1920s Paris. His focus was on the visual arts and philosophy–with a high emphasis on logic and rhetoric. He was known to be an associate of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, although purely on a social level.

Findsome met Winmore in Winter Park, Florida while traveling with separate clients over the Christmas holiday. At a chance meeting at a liberal arts summit, the two bonded over a discussion of modern political campaign strategy and a joint commiseration of the need for a common set of advertising ethics. The two traded addresses and began corresponding via letter and the occasional telegram.

Over time, the pair began inviting one another into joint engagement in a series of interesting projects, forming one of the first marketing and communications agencies on record. Whether via letter, typesetting, or new idea, their work together took hold on Americans through their clients. Their most recognizable–and successful–joint engagement helped to bolster the idea that selling pre-sliced loaves of bread was a win-win for all Americans. At the time, only whole loaves of bread were accepted.

The two often kept one eye pointed toward the future and imagined a day when new methods for connecting would prevail. Findsome theorized that the telegram would one day be replaced by a broader, faster network and that a successful telephone call would not require operator assistance–or even wires. Winmore often riffed about the need for faster newspaper delivery and for those writing letters to the editor to share ideas and insults with one another.

It is in the spirit of Charles and William that our firm carries on, helping clients acquire customers in noble and efficient ways. We share their passion of reaching people with good ideas, using the latest and greatest of technologies, and dreaming about the future.