1. digital marketing and SEO strategy

    How a Stack of Post-it-Notes Can Help You Win More Customers

    When I decided to sign up for the Authority Intensive conference put on by Copyblogger Media, I knew that assembly of speakers (keynotes were Seth Godin and Darren Rowse) would not disappoint.  Segments focused on Design, Content, Traffic and Conversion are all things that our clients are interested in.  The more we know, the more…

  2. Value and benefit of a website

    What Is The Value Of A Website?

    “I want a new website, and I want it cheap.” Trust me, many people do.  Plus who doesn’t like a bargain deal?  But, maybe there’s a reason why cheap isn’t always better. Maybe you’re a new company, or perhaps an existing company — but you’ve realized you need a new website.  When thinking of the cost and…

  3. Lassie

    Rebranding: You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    Rebrands can be an exciting, scary and often times necessary “evil”.  It can shake up what you thought was the core of your brand and force you to reevaluate everything from who you were, who you currently are and who you want to be. When a rebrand occurs, sometimes you won’t be ready for it….

  4. Digital Information Overload

    Focus Your Digital Marketing: From Chaos to Order

    Nearly every day a new app, social network, or technology appears promising to make your job easier and kick your next campaign in to high gear. Thanks to the real-time component of social media, marketers can invest a lot of time and energy in the things that will impress and connect with customers online. The function…

  5. news network

    The Pinning of Breaking News

    CNN is on Pinterest. Yes.  You read that right.  And they are not pinning recipes or the latest cute shoes.  (Well, actually, there are some cute shoes on the Style board, but I digress.) We all recognize that social media channels have come a long way.  It’s fascinating to marketing nerds (like me) how the…

  6. search engine changes

    Life After SEO for Content: What’s Next?

    It’s no secret that the world of search engine optimization and search in general is constantly changing. The trick is to not just keep up with the change, but stay ahead of it. The mantra “content is king” has been the precedent in SEO for a while now, but what do you do after you’ve…

  7. Vintage Telephones

    Book Review – Contagious: Why Things Catch On

    Contagious: Why Things Catch On   As a digital marketing manager specializing in social media, I’m like a proud parent with the “My Child is on the Honor Roll” bumper sticker: I love social media and it’s easy to idolize. But a book I read recently gave a practical reminder that social media is a supportive…

  8. Generation Z

    Marketing to Generation Z

    I am getting married soon and my ten-year-old bonus child (we like that better than “stepchild”) plays Minecraft like I played Pac-Man.  Except I played in an arcade with tokens.  He plays for free.  In our living room.  On a computer.  While on FaceTime with his friends while they battle strangers from around the world….

  9. Chris Brogan Quote

    The Most Important Social Network of All

    Pull up any marketing article these days and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn get more accolades than you can shake a stick at.  And understandably so.  After all, the growth of these social networks in terms of users, revenue and valuation has been astronomical.  The numbers are staggering. But a renowned business expert that I…

  10. marketing strategy

    4 Steps to Creating a Marketing Strategy

    We often tell clients that you can’t just dip your toe into marketing. If you’re going to start a Twitter account, a new website or a blog, you have to dive in. Because it’s impossible to “dive in” to every marketing tactic all at once, you have to consider which tactics work best for your…

  11. Monkey Business

    Naming Your Company: It’s Not Monkey Business

    “Why don’t we just call it ‘Pink Monkey Butt’?” I am not at liberty to reveal if this was actually said in a confidential branding meeting with a client, but let’s just say that when it comes to naming your company, things can get a little…um…bananas. Recently at Findsome & Winmore, my fellow principals and…

  12. Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.13.01 PM 2

    10 Classic Reasons to Incorporate Video Into Your Content Marketing

    Findsome & Winmore firmly believes in the power of video as a component of a company’s digital marketing strategy and success. In fact, we practice what we preach and continue to see tremendous success with current customers and prospects. We recently rebranded our agency, Findsome & Winmore (formerly Websolvers). There were a number of strategic…

  13. What Should I Write About on My Blog?

    A common question that clients and friends ask me has to do with what to write about on their company blogs.  Once they become used to the idea that having a business blog is a good idea (just check out some of these blogging statistics if you are skeptical), the next concern has to deal with what…

  14. Digital Marketing Agency Blog

    The History of Content Marketing

    Content marketing might be less popular as a term than search marketing and social media marketing, but it certainly is not a new tactic. Looking at some early examples of content marketing not only serve to demonstrate its longevity, but help us to understand it in practice. The history of content marketing is one from…