1. blog keyword tips

    Do Keywords Really Matter?

    SEO Blogging 101 Series: Part One Writing a blog post may be pretty straight-forward, but making it SEO friendly is another story entirely. If you have a great topic that you think your audience will be interested in, then it’s a good idea to go ahead and write it! However, it’s also important to make…

  2. shopping online

    ‘Tis the Season for Online Shopping

    If there’s one thing I’m very good at, it’s maneuvering around the world wide web and shopping to my heart’s content. In one hour, I can be done with holiday shopping sans the hassle of dealing with (road and pedestrian) traffic, all from the comfort of my own house. Even better, now thanks to responsive…

  3. Digital Marketing ROI

    Marketing: Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

    Do you measure the marketing ROI of having a presentable office lobby? Do you count how many leads you captured from spending an hour of your time with a community connector who invited you to have a cup of coffee? Of course you don’t. You can’t. Right vs. ROI You do these things not because…

  4. Email Marketing Holiday

    Holiday Email Marketing Know How

    ‘Tis a sad day to admit when it’s no longer PSL season (Pumpkin Spice Latte) at Starbucks. Fear not though, as your business approaches the holidays. Instead, prepare your taste buds for a Peppermint Mocha (extra peppermint to feel uber wintery) and take advantage of this occasion, email marketing style. First step: GET YOUR DUCKS…

  5. broken website

    Why Do Websites Break? 4 Common Culprits

     Picture this… You’ve just launched a shiny new responsive website: it’s slick, it’s sexy (hyperbole, I know, but sometimes it’s apropos) and then something breaks. “Why? Why?!” you ask while frustrated that you just invested a substantial amount of money into a now defunct website. It just doesn’t make sense…right? When reasoning about issues with your website, consider the analogy of…

  6. How to publish on Linked In

    LinkedIn Blogs: Why The Cool Kids Are Doing It

    If you’ve logged into LinkedIn within the past year, you’ve been greeted by Pulse news recommendations customized “just for you!” as the featured content in your LinkedIn feed. What began as a digital publishing platform for news sources and exclusive LinkedIn “Influencers” (see what they did there?), is now one of the most effective yet under-utilized…

  7. search engine strategy tips

    What type of online search is right for your business?

    Did you know that all search queries aren’t created equal? There’s more than one factor that comes into play where search is concerned.  Google gets about 3.5 billion searches a day, and the types of these online searches can be narrowed down into three main categories:  Navigational Informational Transactional So what does this mean for your budding…

  8. restaurant marketing tips

    Don’t Put Digital Marketing on the Back Burner

    Without proactive digital marketing, your restaurant will suffer. This conversation is based on actual events: Me:  On my way here, I tried to view your website on my iPhone, but it wasn’t responsive and your mobile site wouldn’t work properly. Manager of a restaurant chain with over 20 locations:  I’m sorry, what do you mean?…

  9. digital marketing and SEO strategy

    How a Stack of Post-it-Notes Can Help You Win More Customers

    When I decided to sign up for the Authority Intensive conference put on by Copyblogger Media, I knew that assembly of speakers (keynotes were Seth Godin and Darren Rowse) would not disappoint.  Segments focused on Design, Content, Traffic and Conversion are all things that our clients are interested in.  The more we know, the more…

  10. Value and benefit of a website

    What Is The Value Of A Website?

    “I want a new website, and I want it cheap.” Trust me, many people do.  Plus who doesn’t like a bargain deal?  But, maybe there’s a reason why cheap isn’t always better. Maybe you’re a new company, or perhaps an existing company — but you’ve realized you need a new website.  When thinking of the cost and…

  11. Lassie

    Rebranding: You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    Rebrands can be an exciting, scary and often times necessary “evil”.  It can shake up what you thought was the core of your brand and force you to reevaluate everything from who you were, who you currently are and who you want to be. When a rebrand occurs, sometimes you won’t be ready for it….

  12. Digital Information Overload

    Focus Your Digital Marketing: From Chaos to Order

    Nearly every day a new app, social network, or technology appears promising to make your job easier and kick your next campaign in to high gear. Thanks to the real-time component of social media, marketers can invest a lot of time and energy in the things that will impress and connect with customers online. The function…

  13. news network

    The Pinning of Breaking News

    CNN is on Pinterest. Yes.  You read that right.  And they are not pinning recipes or the latest cute shoes.  (Well, actually, there are some cute shoes on the Style board, but I digress.) We all recognize that social media channels have come a long way.  It’s fascinating to marketing nerds (like me) how the…

  14. search engine changes

    Life After SEO for Content: What’s Next?

    It’s no secret that the world of search engine optimization and search in general is constantly changing. The trick is to not just keep up with the change, but stay ahead of it. The mantra “content is king” has been the precedent in SEO for a while now, but what do you do after you’ve…

  15. Vintage Telephones

    Book Review – Contagious: Why Things Catch On

    Contagious: Why Things Catch On   As a digital marketing manager specializing in social media, I’m like a proud parent with the “My Child is on the Honor Roll” bumper sticker: I love social media and it’s easy to idolize. But a book I read recently gave a practical reminder that social media is a supportive…

  16. SONY DSC

    What a 109-Year-Old Brand Can Teach Us About Content

    There are many things we can learn from Rolex- from how to maintain a luxury brand to how to keep that brand relevant throughout the years. What’s interesting now is that the brand that once used to balk at the idea of having a Facebook page and other social sites is now the one to…

  17. Goldfish in fishbowl

    K.I.S. and Tell: Why Keeping it Simple in Marketing is Crucial to Connect with Your Customers

    To really drive the point home, this blog post should be less than 100 characters and take less than 8 seconds to read. Sounds ridiculous, right?! That’s the average attention span of the majority of your marketing audience these days. Could you be boring or losing your audience with overthought marketing messages, long-winded copy, or…

  18. Generation Z

    Marketing to Generation Z

    I am getting married soon and my ten-year-old bonus child (we like that better than “stepchild”) plays Minecraft like I played Pac-Man.  Except I played in an arcade with tokens.  He plays for free.  In our living room.  On a computer.  While on FaceTime with his friends while they battle strangers from around the world….